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AAU Announces New President

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Lake Buena Vista, FL—The Amateur Athletic Union, the nation’s leader in youth sports, announces the appointment of Henry Forrest as the organization’s new president. Forrest assumes the role after the sudden passing of former president, Louis Stout.

Forrest brings a wealth of knowledge to the position, having served in multiple leadership roles within the AAU for over 20 years.

“Mr. Forrest has been around the AAU for a long time and knows what our organization needs to continue to be successful in the future,” said James Parker, Director of Operations for the AAU. “I am looking forward to working for Henry, a man who is full of integrity and always does what is right for our AAU members.”

Forrest is a natural-born leader with over 35 years of law enforcement experience. He will continue to champion the positive ideals and goals set forth by the AAU for its members.

“No words can adequately express our sadness at Louis Stout’s passing or our gratitude for the opportunity to work with him,” said Forrest. “I am honored to step in and assist our organization during this transition to make us stronger. I can assure you, the AAU will continue to be the industry leader in youth sports now and for years to come.”

Prior to stepping in as President, Forrest served in multiple capacities for the AAU including: AAU 1st and 2nd Vice President, Arkansas Boys Basketball Director and the Chairman of the AAU Compliance Committee.

AAU President Louis Stout Passes Away at Age 73

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Louis Stout, president of the national Amateur Athletic Union and one of America’s most prominent leaders in the sports world, died early this morning at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky.Stout, 73, widely credited with asserting strong and decisive leadership to adopt new policies that better protect hundreds of thousands of AAU youth athletes from any type of abuse, has been highly regarded for decades as one of the sporting world’s leading administrators, educators and coaches.  During a distinguished career that dates back to the early 1960’s, Stout championed positive ideals and goals for thousands of young people.

“In our greatest hour of need, Louis demonstrated the vision and determination to positively change the AAU culture into a higher level of safety and protection,” said Henry Forrest, AAU acting president, of Stout, who was just 30 days from retirement from the AAU board when he assumed the role of president.  “He will be forever remembered as the architect who established the highest standards for safety and protection at AAU and for ensuring our program’s continued success.”

Stout took the helm of the organization following allegations of sexual abuse of children dating back nearly 30 years ago — leveled against the AAU’s longtime former president.

Stout’s leadership resulted in a range of measures the AAU has implemented to protect its athletes, including detailed background checks required for all adults involved in AAU activities; clear policies and procedures designed to ensure that young athletes are never left alone with individual adults; and the requirement that all AAU volunteers and staff report any incidents of suspected child abuse to law enforcement and to officials of the AAU and related sports clubs. Strong new training programs about preventing sexual abuse for athletes, parents, coaches and volunteers are also part of Stout’s significant legacy.

“In many ways Mr. Stout is an historic figure,” said Lauren Book, founder of the non-profit organization Lauren’s Kids and an advisor who helped the organization develop its new safeguards.  “I greatly admire the courage and resolve he displayed in establishing new benchmarks for the security and protection of young athletes.”

“The entire ESPN Wide World of Sports organization is deeply saddened by the passing of Louis Stout and wish to express our condolences to both Lou’s family and the AAU family,” said Ken Potrock, Senior VP/Global Sports Enterprises for Disney Sports.  ”He was an exceptional man, one committed to the sporting youth of America. His passion for the Amateur Athletic Union will be greatly missed but his vision will undoubtedly carry forward.”

Louis Stout was born in Cynthiana, Kentucky, on May 17, 1939.  His sports journey began at the Banneker School in Cynthiana, where as a sixth-grader he made the varsity basketball team.  When Banneker closed its doors, he enrolled at Cynthiana High, earning all-state recognition three times.  As a senior, he averaged nearly 31 points and 25 rebounds, numbers impressive enough to garner him All-American honors, and a college scholarship. He played at Regis College for Cynthiana native and later University of Kentucky coach Joe B. Hall.

After graduating, Stout spent a brief period teaching in Colorado before getting the call to replace the legendary S.T. Roach as head basketball coach at Dunbar High in Lexington, Kentucky.  When Dunbar High was closed due to consolidation, Stout moved to Tates Creek High in Lexington, first as an assistant, then as head coach.

In 1971, Stout became an assistant commissioner for the Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA), working in that capacity for 23 years under four different commissioners.  In 1994, he was named commissioner of the KHSAA, becoming the first African-American to head a state high school athletic association in the country.  Stout also officiated softball, baseball and college basketball, earning the reputation as a superb referee and umpire.

Louis Stout was inducted into the 11th Region Basketball Hall of Fame, Kentucky Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame, AAU Softball Umpire Hall of Fame, AAU Hall of Fame, and the Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA) Hall of Fame.

“Louis will be remembered for his great warmth, humility and optimism,” said Ron Crawford, AAU national treasurer.  “He made a lasting impression on everyone he met, as well as on the lives of the thousands of athletes who play under the AAU banner.”

“Mr. Stout often said that having the opportunity to positively impact young people’s lives was a far greater reward than winning a game, trophy or ribbon,” said James Parker, AAU director of operations.  “That gold-medal approach to life will be his enduring legacy.”

Stout is survived by his wife of 51 years, Anna, a son, Juan, and two grandchildren, Louis Stout II and Calvin Em’re Cooks.

Funeral arrangements are pending.


AAU News Conference on Youth Protections to be Live-Streamed

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AAU News Conference on Youth Protections to be Live-Streamed

Lake Buena Vista, Fla. – The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) will live-stream its upcoming press conference to announce historic measures to protect thousands of youth athletes from child sexual abuse. The live-stream will be available through the AAU website. The AAU will present the findings of an intensive six-month review of its protocols, policies and procedures, including measures being implemented in response to the recommendations of two task forces formed in December.

What:           AAU News Conference

When:        Tuesday, June 12, 2012, 11:00 am

Where:       AAU National Headquarters

                  1910 Hotel Plaza Boulevard


                  Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830


Who:            Louis Stout, AAU National President



Letter from AAU Boys' Basketball Eligibility Committee

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Letter to Coaches of Teams at the 2012 AAU National Championship

The AAU Boys Basketball Eligibility Committee would like to thank you for your upcoming participation at the AAU National Championship. It is our hope that your experience at this years event is rewarding to all.

Our committee was established to rule on player and team eligibility for National Tournaments.

Decisions of the Eligibility Committee are final.

As the coach you are required to provide Team Documentation. Each team MUST present “Eligibility Materials for review upon check-in at the National Championship.

The “Eligibility Materials” must contain:

1.                  Copy of the Team AAU Online Roster to be used at the National Championship.

2.                  Copy of each athlete’s Proof of Grade

3.                  Copy of each athlete’s Proof of Age

It is highly recommended that these materials are in a binder(3 ring is great).

Recommended that the individual player’s information are in the order of your roster that will be the front page in the binder.

The “Eligibility Materials” will be collected at your assigned registration time for review by a member of the AAU Commissioners Staff.  All collected materials held for review will be returned to the team at the 2nd Coaches Meeting unless a review of a protest is going on. The information can be requested again during the event in the event of a protest.

Failure to have proper documentation at registration or during the event may result in athlete or team disqualification. Acceptable documents can be found in the AAU Boys Basketball Handbook. Go to

An Athlete(s without acceptable documentation may play during pool play. The Head Coach must decide if he wants to “risk” playing any athlete(s) without approved documents.

1.      If the Athlete(s) in question plays and the required documents are received and approved at or before the conclusion of pool play, the team may continue into bracket play without penalty.

2.      If the athlete(s) in question plays and the require documents are not received or approved at the conclusion of pool play, the team will forfeit any games in which the athlete(s) played. Commissioners will determine games played.

A team which forfeits games due to an ineligible athlete(s) as in # 2 above may advance to the appropriate bracket once the games(s) forfeited penalty has been applied, at the conclusion of pool play.

Athlete(s) without approved eligibility documents will not be allowed to participate or be team bench during bracket play.

If the documentation provided is found fraudulent the player and or team will be removed from the tournament. Only the Eligibility Committee will rule on such cases.  Their decisions are final.

Sincerely Yours,

AAU Boys' Basketball Eligibility Committee


Georgia AAU Volunteer of the Year

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Congratulations to Mr. Tommy L. Anderson Sr., Georgia AAU Boys' Basketball Sport Director, for being named the 2012 Georgia AAU District Volunteer of the Year.

Thanks from the GA AAU Governor!

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Hello Georgia AAU Members,

The 2012 GA AAU Sports Seminar and Sports Meeting was a great success.

With over 100 GA AAU members including Club Owners, Sport Directors and Officers in attendance, GA proved it is a great "Association."


We were joined at this meeting by the National President of the AAU, Louis Stout.

Also in attendance were Amy Raciott, AAU Director of Finance, and Jackie Markham, AAU Director of Member Services.

This was a great bonus for all the members that were in attendance.


Important information on:

Athlete Health and Safety

Sports Risk Management

The Online Positive Coaching Alliance

The Betty Lowe Scholarships

Membership and Sanctioning Information

Informaton on using the AAU's 501(c)3 Non-Profit Program


Many hours of work and effort went into making this meeting a reality. A special thanks to Wendy Miller for her outstanding effort in bringing it all together.


It is our hope that the information and enthusiasm gained from attending will help to grow sports opportunities for athletes across Georgia.


I look forward to that same level of participation at our May 20, 2012 AAU Bi-Annual AAU District Meeting.


James Henry

Georgia AAU Governor


AAU Full News Conference

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Please click the attached links for the full AAU News Conference and remarks/full statements.

Video: AAU News Conference (60:17)

AAU News Conference Remarks/Full Statements

AAU President Louis Stout Convenes Task Forces

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AAU President Louis Stout convenes two task forces to make recommendations for a stronger AAU.

AAU News Article on the Task Forces

LIVE! AAU News Conference

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Tomorrow, the AAU will be conducting a live news conference to provide an update on current issues and for other information.

BREAKING NEWS: AAU to Hold News Conference

Video: AAU Interim President Louis Stout

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Please click the attached link, to view a video message from Interim AAU President Louis Stout regarding former AAU President and Executive Director Bobby Dodd.

Video: Interim AAU President Louis Stout