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Letter from AAU Boys' Basketball Eligibility Committee

Posted on June 11, 2012 at 8:35 PM

Letter to Coaches of Teams at the 2012 AAU National Championship

The AAU Boys Basketball Eligibility Committee would like to thank you for your upcoming participation at the AAU National Championship. It is our hope that your experience at this years event is rewarding to all.

Our committee was established to rule on player and team eligibility for National Tournaments.

Decisions of the Eligibility Committee are final.

As the coach you are required to provide Team Documentation. Each team MUST present “Eligibility Materials for review upon check-in at the National Championship.

The “Eligibility Materials” must contain:

1.                  Copy of the Team AAU Online Roster to be used at the National Championship.

2.                  Copy of each athlete’s Proof of Grade

3.                  Copy of each athlete’s Proof of Age

It is highly recommended that these materials are in a binder(3 ring is great).

Recommended that the individual player’s information are in the order of your roster that will be the front page in the binder.

The “Eligibility Materials” will be collected at your assigned registration time for review by a member of the AAU Commissioners Staff.  All collected materials held for review will be returned to the team at the 2nd Coaches Meeting unless a review of a protest is going on. The information can be requested again during the event in the event of a protest.

Failure to have proper documentation at registration or during the event may result in athlete or team disqualification. Acceptable documents can be found in the AAU Boys Basketball Handbook. Go to

An Athlete(s without acceptable documentation may play during pool play. The Head Coach must decide if he wants to “risk” playing any athlete(s) without approved documents.

1.      If the Athlete(s) in question plays and the required documents are received and approved at or before the conclusion of pool play, the team may continue into bracket play without penalty.

2.      If the athlete(s) in question plays and the require documents are not received or approved at the conclusion of pool play, the team will forfeit any games in which the athlete(s) played. Commissioners will determine games played.

A team which forfeits games due to an ineligible athlete(s) as in # 2 above may advance to the appropriate bracket once the games(s) forfeited penalty has been applied, at the conclusion of pool play.

Athlete(s) without approved eligibility documents will not be allowed to participate or be team bench during bracket play.

If the documentation provided is found fraudulent the player and or team will be removed from the tournament. Only the Eligibility Committee will rule on such cases.  Their decisions are final.

Sincerely Yours,

AAU Boys' Basketball Eligibility Committee


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