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Tournament Information

Please be advised: The placement of teams in pools in Georgia AAU Boys' Basketball District and Regional Championships is solely a subjective process and is done for the benefit of the competition as a whole. No club member, individual athlete, fan, or parent shall have a cause of action against the District Sport Director or the Georgia Boys' Basketball Committee with respect to any issue related to a team's placement in a pool.

Registration opens January 1, 2020. CLICK HERE to register.


Click the link above to view the tournament calendar. All teams that participate in the District Championship will recieve a $100 discount on the AAU World Championship.

2020 Regional & All-Star Game Information

Southeast AAU Regional Championship (Click Here)

Battle of the Border: All-Star Game Series (Click Here)

North Atlanta Invitational Series (CLICK HERE)


Click the link above for tournament rules for the Georgia AAU Boys District Championship and Regional Championships hosted by the Georgia Boys Basketball Committee.

Click the link above for Georgia AAU Boys District Championship and Regional Championships, hosted by the Georgia Boys Basketball Committee, results.


AAU Scoresheet

Please print and make copies, as needed.

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